Primordial Sound Meditation
Taught by Wendy Bradtke Certified Chopra Center 
Meditation Instructor

Primordial Sound Meditation Course

PSM is an authentic meditation technique 
developed by Deepak Chopra. It can be learned 
in 2 sessions. You will receive a personal 
sound mantra and learn how to use it.

Through its practice we can  
- reduce stress 
- improve sleep 
- improve relationships 
- reduce fatigue 
- unfold potential

Please see details on the Course Brochure here
Email Wendy Bradtke
or call 0416 265 914 for more details. 

"Since learning the practice of PSM with Wendy I 
found that I am more present in my daily 
life. No longer triggered by small situations I am able to move easily through life"
Dominique, Media manager.


Lower your stress with Meditation

Learning how use breathing and develop concentration are proven ways to calm a busy mind.

A steady breath calms the nervous system

A focused mind becomes a steady mind
Through Meditation we develop steadiness of mind and a more positive outlook. Breathing, focus and relaxation are timeless techniques to increase happiness, fulfillment and well-being. Meditation is easy to learn and an effective tool to bring about personal change.

If you are wishing to change your outlook or your life - Meditation is for you!



Thursday night Meditation Class 7pm to 8pm (monthly sessions) on the following dates;

Nov 30th, Dec 9th and14th.

These sessions cover breathing, focus and concentration techniques. They include relaxation and a seated Meditation. Suitable for anyone wanting calm the mind, release stress, and to further their meditation practice.
Cost is $20 or $18 concession. No pre-booking required.

Gentle Restorative Yoga for Stress with Wendy Bradtke

Mondays at 10am

A healing class offering gentle stretching, with special supported postures, breathing and deep relaxation.

The class is suitable for those recovering from

- illness, injury or recovery from childbirth
- fatigue and lack of energy
- For anyone feeling stressed and burned out.