• Bhava offers dance classes especially for children.
  • Classes are a magical way for children to develop confidence and artistic and spatial awareness.
  • Encouraging joyful expression of dance through inspiring music, imagination, special dancing materials and creative designs in the room.
  • Classes bring out the spirit of the dance in each child.
  • Yoga and relaxation are also an essential part of children’s classes at Bhava, further nurturing the whole child within this wonderfully creative atmosphere.
  • The development of confidence and self esteem is encouraged.
  • We have classes for toddlers, kindies, and school age children ranging to young and older teens.
  • Care is taken to make sure your child is placed in the most suitable class for their age.


Children's classes

Bhava is now offering it's magical and inspirational classes for children. Class times here.
Classes taught by Bonita Butler
0402 344 812
or email bonitazbutler1980
to book
Classes run by the term